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Yorkshire Sound Women Network / Events / Sat 10 to Sun 11 Aug 2019 (2 days)

Go Compose: Everyday Everywhere is a Sound

Go Compose: Everyday Everywhere is a Sound

Do you want to learn DJing, computer based music production, audio electronics and sound composition?

The department of Music and Drama at the University of Huddersfield, in partnership with Yorkshire Sound Women Network is offering a six-weekend series of free workshops for girls and young women* in Kirklees between the ages of 11 and and 18 – visit the Go Compose website at gocomposehuddersfield.co.uk to see the full list.
* We welcome cis- and transgender young women and girls, as well as gender non-binary/non-conforming young people.

The workshops will be delivered by experienced and DBS-certified practitioners and educators. No prior experience is necessary and we encourage participants to attend all days.

Everyday Everywhere Is A Sound

For ages 11-15
Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 August, 10am-3pm

Discover sound art and performance with everyday objects!

This two-day workshop offers the opportunity to explore sound and music from within our environment, and the application of electronics for sound. You will learn about sound art and how to build kinetic instruments with daily objects, creating a sound sculpture for performance.

The workshop will begin with an exploration of your favourite sounds and of sounds made by instruments and everyday objects, from toys and stationery, to household items, tools and more! You will also learn how these sounds can interact with electronics, by combining them with kinetic motors and portable vibration speakers, also known as transducers.

• Learn about using transducers and motors
• Learn the basics of using Pure Data (sine tones)
• Learn and develop soldering skills
• Develop skills in listening to the environment
• Learn about the physics of the listening process
• Develop knowledge around vibration and frequency

Workshop leader info:
This workshop will be delivered by artists Ryoko Akama and Eleanor Cully.

Ryoko is a sound artist, composer and performer. She uses everyday objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles to create automated sound sculptures. She co-runs the ame organisation, melange music label and mumei publishing.

Eleanor Cully is an artist and composer who uses text, images and sound. She has worked with YSWN, ame and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

For full workshop information and to sign up please visit: gocomposehuddersfield.co.uk

For more information visit https://gocomposehuddersfield.co.uk/?page_id=567

Event Location

Richard Steinitz Building

University of Huddersfield

Email: e.d.dobson@hud.ac.uk
Website: https://gocomposehuddersfield.co.uk/?page_id=567

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