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Need promo shots? Google+ Panoramic Virtual tours - 50% off !

Need promo shots? Google+ Panoramic Virtual tours - 50% off !

Hello we are a small team of Google trusted photographers seeking beautiful new places and products to photograph! We are offering the first booking from a creative kirklees member a panoramic tour of their venue, shop or office with a massive 50 per cent discount! Yes thats right, half price!

We specialise in producing high quality photography that enhances sales for emerging small businesses and more established companies.
Images we produce through dynamic digital photography are used for enhancing the online presence through the worlds number 1 search engine and through traditional marketing campaigns for print and publication.

What we do:

– Google Trusted Photography (Business View and Panoramic Virtual Tours)
– Photographing events, conferences, promo shoots and weddings
– Advertising for printed publications
– Product photography for online sales

We create breathtaking 360 panoramic virtual walk tours for Google. These are much like the street view walks but shows the customer the interior of the place from the comfort of their internet device. Please see examples here: http://yorkshirephotoimage.co.uk/sample-page/

So you are thinking of getting a 360 degree panoramic virtual tour…..

How will this attract new customers and help my business?
The days of window shopping in the street have sadly nearly all but gone, the modern customer enjoys browsing their next shopping trip and celebration meal online. Those new to the area might be drawn to your business while planning an itinery via a Google map.

How long does the photoshoot take?
It depends on the size of the business, but around 2 to 3 hours is needed to complete the panoramic photography.

Do I need to close the business during the photo shoot?
No, it can be pretty much business as usual. The equipment used is basically one tripod and a camera, therefore a discreet operation is ensured with not too much disturbance. I’d recommend your quieter business hours are usually the best times to shoot. However, if anything the customers are often intrigued and happy to cooperate with a photo shoot going on before them!

Will I own the images resulting from a Google Business Views session?
Yes, completely.
Google only license the images and the one’s used to construct your virtual tour from you. We as photographers also pass over complete ownership to you, the business owner. You can embed the codes of the virtual tours into your own website and other e-marketing you might want to use at your will. Post the tour and any images for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
as you see fit.

How long does it take before a Google Virtual Tour
is online?
From the day of your shoot, it takes an average of 15 working days for the virtual tour and images to be processed, uploaded, quality checked and published by Google.

Sounds great – how much does it cost?
Prices start at £180 for small businesses and rise to around £400+ for larger venues.
Once this investment is made it is on Google for always and will only attract more interest to your business. The demand for high quality dynamic range 360° Google Business photos is on the increase.
A Google virtual tour is a great way to make your business stand out and help your business grow exponentially.
Please call or email for a free consultation.

For more information visit http://yorkshirephotoimage.co.uk/us/

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Telephone: 07986 615 990
Email: yorkshirephotoimage@yahoo.co.uk
Website: http://yorkshirephotoimage.co.uk/us/

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