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Maggie Thompson 'At The Margin' - Artist talk and private view

Maggie Thompson 'At The Margin'  - Artist talk and private view

FREE - Artist talk and private view

Join Maggie Thompson for an artist talk and private view of her latest exhibition
'At The Margin'

WYPW gallery, Mirfield

At The Margin showcases recent etchings derived from memories of repeated journeys: a series of meditative prints of 'in-between' places.

Maggie Thompson has exhibited widely since completing her MA at Manchester School of Art in 2017, and here she presents a set of new and recent prints.

The primary focus of her printmaking practice is etching on steel. For her, this method has a coherence with the subject matter and her underlying thoughts. Often removing only a miniscule amount of material from each identically sized plate, it is what is lost from the surface which is each one’s most defining characteristic.

Maggie’s work is concerned with an exploration of space: transitory liminal space like that found where the land meets the sea; heterotopic space such as that of a journey; and the virtual infinite space of the mind within the finite space of the body.

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