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Islamic Geometry in Screen Print – Printmaker’s Toolkit Session

Islamic Geometry in Screen Print – Printmaker’s Toolkit Session

Demo/talk - Islamic Geometry in Screen Print

Saba Rifat has been a regular in the screen room here at WYPW for the last few years. In this session she will talk about where her inspiration comes from, and demonstrate how she develops her work using the screen print process. Saba’s work aims to harness the interplay of universal principles of balance, harmony, proportion, colour and simple essence of forms to produce visual work that is beautiful, timeless and contemplative. The principles of Islamic geometry are at the heart of her work, and she explores this using a variety of visual media, including screen print.

“I seek to produce a visual ‘space’ or ‘void’ in which one is able to retreat for simple aesthetic pleasure or deeper reflection of its origin.”

Morning session
Tuesday 5th December 2017
10.30 – 11.30


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