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Becalmed - a view by Simon Poë

A 2 minute video of Sue Baker Kenton's wonderful exhibition at WYPW's Unit 2 gallery space situated in the Huddersfield Piazza Centre, with commentary by art historian and writer Simon Poë.

‘Becalmed’ showcases prints by Sue Baker Kenton who is based in Buckinghamshire and works out of Leicester Print Workshop. Her striking and expressive etchings focus on the figure, with human faces as a recurring motif. Rooted in observational drawing, her large scale prints evolve over time in a considered and reflective way, ‘where time working from direct observation becomes integral to how the subject reveals itself.’

The exhibition runs until 31 October.

For more information visit https://wypw.org/becalmed-an-exhibition-by-sue-baker-kenton/

Video Location

Piazza Centre

Unit 2, Piazza Centre, Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield

Telephone: 01924 497 646
Email: info@wypw.org
Website: https://wypw.org/becalmed-an-exhibition-by-sue-baker-kenton/

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