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WOVEN's Go and See: Textile Art and Craft Conversation

WOVEN's Go and See: Textile Art and Craft Conversation

This month‘s WOVEN Go & See comprises a panel of brilliant, interesting Kirklees people who all have something to say about how textiles often sits between art and craft.

The panel will have a conversation about how the labels attached to them make a difference. Artist? Crafter? Maker? Designer Maker? Artisan? What do we call ourselves and why? What is different about the “art world” and the “craft world”? Does it matter? What can we learn from each other?

The conversation will address these issues and ask us to consider the way we think about textiles.

The panel are artists, designer makers, writers and thinkers (sometimes all in the same person). They are:
Nicola Perren
Julia Batley
Claire Barber
and the conversation will be chaired by
Rowan Bailey

All are welcome to attend this free event on Tuesday 7th July (2-3.30pm); we will make sure there is time to bring the audience into the conversation.

This Go & See event is on Zoom. Register below on Eventbrite to reserve your ticket.

For more information visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/woven-go-see-art-craft-conversation-tickets-111667452356

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