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Woven Into Song in Holmfirth

Woven Into Song in Holmfirth

Woven Into Song is a performance of a new piece of music that will explore the stories of the South Asian communities who were drawn to Kirklees by the textile industry. Written by Boff Whalley, ex-Chumbawamba guitarist/songwriter and now of Commoners Choir, with support from Hardeep Sahota, Mandeep Samra, Boliyaan singers and percussionists, it draws on the recollections of people who worked in the textiles industry and explores the common experience of fighting for our rights.

Performed by choirs from Kirklees and South Asian singers and percussionists, it will create a conversation between different languages, musical styles and experiences.

The performance will take place at the end of the Holmfirth Arts Festival Banner Parade at 3pm in Holmfirth Parish Church and will last for approximately 20 minutes

There will also be a performance of Woven Into Song at Small Seeds in Huddersfield at 7pm on the same day.

For more information visit https://woveninkirklees.co.uk/event/woven-into-song/

Event Location

Holmfirth Parish Church

6a Town Gate

Email: woven@hatchprojects.org.uk
Website: https://woveninkirklees.co.uk/event/woven-into-song/

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