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INTERWOVEN - Modern Day Shoddy Talk

INTERWOVEN - Modern Day Shoddy Talk

John Parkinson tells the story of his family shoddy business, from the 1970s to the present day.

The UK’s woollen ‘circular economy’ began circa 1813. By the time (shoddy manufacturer) Colin Parkinson Ltd opened in 1970 on Bradford Road in Dewsbury, the industry was in steep decline.

In 1990, Colin’s son John established ‘Evergreen’ to manufacture recycled eco yarns and fabrics – it was before its time!

In 2019, John launched iinouiio (acronym: it is never over until it is over) to preserve this endangered species and train new generations. iinouiio is the only traditional UK wool and cashmere recycler for making yarns and fabrics; harnessing heritage and research, and re-energising the past to revolutionise the future.

This talk is FREE, but you do need to BOOK.

From 6pm - 6.45pm

For more information visit https://woveninkirklees.co.uk/event/modern-day-shoddy-talk/

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17 Foundry Street

17 Foundry Street
WF13 1QH

Email: woven@hatchprojects.org.uk
Website: https://woveninkirklees.co.uk/event/modern-day-shoddy-talk/

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