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Huddersfield's Cloth and Textile Industry

Huddersfield's Cloth and Textile Industry

It has been well known for a long time that Huddersfield has been home to the world’s finest cloth, but it is questionable as to whether the knowledge and passion is still existent today or is the legacy slowly raveling over time?

Dugdale Bros, who are cloth merchants based in Huddersfield, have been in the cloth industry since 1896, gave their thoughts on where the textiles revolution began, why it became so popular and where it stands today.

They started off by introducing the industrial revolution, saying that it was a “catalyst for the flourishing textile trade that ensued Huddersfield.” And that due to the “unique geography” of Huddersfield, the water running through the region was perfect for washing wool. This meant that the fibres were able to retain “the lustrous quality and soft handle, for which they are internationally celebrated.”

Since starting, Dugdale has supplied cloth to tailors, designers and luxury fashion houses across the globe. They followed this with “Over the last 12 months, there has been a resurgence in demand for more robust and characterful cloths” and that they are unable to produce fast enough, adding that although there has been a decrease in local knowledge there is still a global demand for the cloth. As well as this, they also added that “There’s now a new generation of young men and women who are realising that made-to-measure garments offer a better way for them to display their individuality.” Therefore suggesting that younger people may begin to take an interest in this industry, further supported by the fact that although the knowledge is in “old hands and old heads” it is shown that there is still interest in “traditional craftsmanship from younger generations.”

In addition to this, support from upcoming events such as WOVEN will help to bring communities together and help to spread this knowledge and passion across all ages, keeping the legacy of the textile industry strong.

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