WOVEN Innovation In Textile

WOVEN is the celebration of the district’s globally recognized industry from the past, present and future this summer, putting Kirklees’ textile heritage into the spotlight. WOVEN, supported by the Creative Economy Team at Kirklees Council with festival curators HATCH, will be bringing the community together from Saturday 8th to Sunday 16th June, also featuring collaboration with creative organisations, artists, education settings, businesses, industry and heritage sites across Kirklees. As well as this, a series of events are taking place to further celebrate future opportunities for careers and creativity aiming to be a central point for career advice to all ages.

Some of the events during the week-long festival will include ‘The Big Knit’ where the community will be encouraged to ‘yarn bomb’ local landmarks across Kirklees. In addition to this there will be mill walks, tours and open days; pop up exhibitions, events across theaters, galleries and museums with local artists, music and film makers; markets and craft maker markets as well as events for businesses, families and local schools.

The textile industry in Kirklees dates back to the 1400s and since then generations of innovators have helped to carve out a reputation for Kirklees textiles. The industrial revolution transformed the industry with the introduction of modern technologies and catapulted textiles. Since then, many of these textile businesses still exist today, continuing to innovate with the emergence of the digital revolution and more advanced technologies.

WOVEN aims to show people that the textiles industry is still very relevant and show that it is about innovation, digital entrepreneurialism and creativity. WOVEN will help connect Kirklees’ strong heritage with today’s innovative developments in university research, incorporating the district’s arts and crafts scene and creative talent.

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