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600mm Squared, 27mm deep / thick, Diamond-Shaped Wall Hanging
Weighing in at 33.2lbs / 15.7.kgs

This is strictly a fundraising piece to help kickstart some of the funds needed to help launch my proposed Memosaics business idea for 2021; a reflective and purposeful design. A mainly glass Cannabis leaf grading from light to dark (top to bottom), with various textures and transparancies, eminating a specturm of colours from its heart...leading to more ashy / smokey tiles, including mirror.

Using what mosaics & tiles I had from donations, I tried my best to have equal amounts of each broken tile on both the left and right sides. From the floor tile base layer (finished with a recycled MDF back), chosen for its smokey effect - incorporating it into the smokey corner design. Sifting through all my stoney, ashy, swirly / stripey looking mosaics & tiles with the odd "red-eye" reference in the border and leaf. Each borderline had a specific directional / reflective pattern, using equal amounts of each mosaic...have fun finding them whiled stoned!

Title corner (bottom), resembles an ashtray - using jewellery letters to display a curved title above a carefully clipped and ornate tiles (each corner features this). Mirror shards feature, so this is also a part-functional piece - you check how much your eyes are bleeding! ;D Top corner, to complement the base layer, I've used smokey kitchen tiles on the left and a broken glass tile that actually looks like real smoke!

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