An imaginative and ambitious ideas factory with a natural talent for creativity, technical dexterity and total hands-on practicality when applying himself to any goal. Win’ really enjoys nurturing / mentoring youth, getting involved with organisations and communities, while also being passionate about real life issues and communicates this through his ethos!...With a colourful background that includes a 7 year adversity of homelessness (July 2003 - February 2010), volunteering and working with various councils, Win’ has achieved various certificates from logo design to working with the vulnerable.

Since moving back to his birthplace, Win's mental health has taken a drastic turn; from discovering ASD / ADHD / OCD traits, only realising recently he suffers from anxiety and being diagnosed with Small Nerve Neuropathy and having suicidal tendencies...

Win's depression was severly increased with his worsening housing situation and the loss of his step-father on St' Patrick's Day '17. Win' honored his step-father's memory with his first mosaic project initiated by our very own Recovery College, and featured in their July '20 newsletter.

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64 Crosland Street
Crosland Moor

Telephone: 07515 889 288

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