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Waves Day Centre Adults with learning difficulties

Waves is a dynamic and forward thinking business, which offer young people and adults with learning difficulties significant opportunities to improve the quality of their lives.
We offer a broad and exciting range of opportunities and activities.
Members are free to select an appropriate range of activities and opportunities, these then link together to form a personalised programme for each member.
These tailor made programmes make a significant difference to both the quality and meaning of our members lives.
Central to our philosophy is our relentless commitment to the integration of our members within the local community.

Just some of the activities we offer are:
Number 6 Waves cottage- promotes independent living with bed making, table setting, washing and ironing, appropriate clothes choices, paying bills and staying safe.

The stage- is the focal point for presentations, fashion shows, productions, and any other entertainment that the members wish to organise. There is karaoke equipment, drums, and a variety of other musical instruments.

Pool, table tennis and bar football offer leisure opportunities.
Functional skills are embedded into everything the members do and are linked to their personal targets.

Wii Fit and X-Box Kinect compliment Pilates and Egyptian dance classes that the members access, and members are encouraged to take some form if exercise on a daily basis, including swimming, walking, and horse riding.

Out the back, Waves has a vast expanse of land that the members have turned into a sensory garden and BBQ area for all the people who work in the mill and still leave plenty of room for our chickens, vegetables, poly tunnel, and decking that over looks the River Colne. In the summer months, we do a little fishing out there too!

We also have lots of jobs in the village that our members attend regularly.

We have a health and beauty department which offers a variety of different treatments.

Waves has a bustling art room and enterprise department which is constantly creating things to sell or decorate the Centre.

If you, or someone you know would benefit from Waves then do not hesitate to get in touch and book a visit!

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