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Vienna Cycle is Russ Bray & Steve Taylor...goodbye Mr Bond

Vienna Cycle is Russ Bray & Steve Taylor...goodbye Mr Bond

Regretfully, though entirely understandably, Luke Bond has decided to leave the band.

Our musical partnership has come to an end after more than 3 years. Together, we travelled from Russ Bray & Luke Bond to Vienna Cycle via Memo, Artsbase awards, self produced EP's and lots and lots of good gigs, bad gigs and great gigs, radio interviews and sweaty hard work with many different musicians and artists.

Luke is off to pursue his musical ambition elsewhere, and we fully support his decision. There are new jobs to start, I've a baby son to welcome into the world in January and right now we have different priorities in life, perhaps not for the first time but the first time we've actually admitted it.

For years music has always been at the top of the tree for me, it's just in the bones, but right now there are other things that I must put first, the same goes for Steve but not so for Luke, and that's why we've come to the conclusion that we have, and that's why we all feel it's the right one, though personally it's actually really sad, but right all the same.

Steve and I are going to continue working the tracks that we've been working on in the studio, well, my compositions anyway, and we'll now be starting work on a few more of my tracks. We may well get out and play a few acoustic gigs over the coming months and we may also look to expand the lineup.

For now, Vienna Cycle is me and Steve...we're playing around with these recordings then we'll figure out what to do there after, but right now we're happy, we've other priorities.

So Luke, we salute you and say thank you for everything, good luck and we'll see you soon.

And then, he was gone.

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