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Trevor Flannery Trevor Flannery

On a business level I have always worked with design agencies assisting them in acquiring new clients, marketing and positioning their businesses correctly. However, and equally important, is I have a passion for the creative sector. I constantly write poetry and short stories and I looking for publication opportunities.
I used to be a member of a youth theatre and this because of our ages this became a semi-professional touring theatre group. At this time I also ran the youth theatre. To assist me with the four roles of one of our semi-professional group's productions I did the LAMDA acting medals.
I rocked up at a music/song/poetry open mic session and did a stand-up comedy stint without any planned material.
Creative networks and communities really appeal to me and I remain in awe at musicians, singers, artists, dancers, etc., etc., where all I excel in is getting up to mischief and enjoying doing so!
Lastly, my current website is temporary.

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Apartment 5 Manor House
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Telephone: 07947 128 431

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