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Modern Wedding Decor Blog

Modern Wedding Decor Scheme - Red and Blue

I have to admit to having a vested interest in the wedding decor schemes that I talk about in my blogs!

Burgundy red and blue has been a popular choice on the circuit for a little while now. I love these rich jewel colours especially in the winter months when the light is a little greyer.

My take on the red and blue theme is a modern style pattern incorporating Copen Blue, dark red and a lighter Denim blue. The large sunflowers are floral but not in a subtle classic way.

You can see from the photos below that I have teamed it with a blue waistcoat. This is a modern trend which gives a nod to formal dressing if you are not the kind to feel comfortable in a suit.

Since denim blue features in the colour palette, I would even wear a pair of good jeans with this. Giving the whole look a modern boho vibe.

Since our tie sets are made in limited quantities, there is always the option to extend to a larger group of groom’s men by using ties in co-ordinating colours and mixing and matching the pocket squares. In this instance you could go for chambray - which is a thinner denim style cotton.

Mis-matched is another on trend wedding look.

I would keep the groom however, in the full matching set to make him distinguishable if you go for mis-matched. We need our leading man to take centre stage.

The mood board includes some ideas that support the colour scheme. I can always provide a small fabric swatch for you to compare colours.

I think the strawberry and blueberry cake looks amazing - although I don’t know who designed it.

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