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Modern Rag Rugging Techniques with Kim

Modern Rag Rugging Techniques with Kim

​​Rag Rugging is a technique traditionally used to turn rags into textural rags. It has a rich history of varying techniques region to region, with a common thread of upcycling scraps into tactile homewares. In this open ended session you'll learn two versatile rag rug techniques that can be used to make a piece of wall art, homewares, a brooch or more. As rag rugging takes a long time to complete you may not finish your piece in the session (but if you opt to do a brooch you will do) but will go away with tools and skills to complete it. There will be a wide range of fabric scraps, recycled materials, colourful rope, buttons and other things to choose from to make your piece unique. If you have any questions message

Healthy & Safety: during the workshop everyone will have their own materials and tools. Sanitiser and disinfectant will be available. If you feel unwell please let us know and stay home. We’d ask people to wear face masks unless medically exempt. The workshop is on the ground floor of the FairTrader, accessible around the side of the building.
Course conditions:the workshop needs minimum numbers to run. In the unlikely event it doesn't meet this the workshop will be cancelled. Your booking is secured by payment and if you choose to cancel you get a refund up to 7 days before the event however after that no refund can be given.

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Fair Trader

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West Yorkshire


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