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The Engine Room Design Team

The Engine Room Design Team

Darren Evans, Design Director.
The original founder of The Engine Room, Darren is a designer with over 18 years’ brand experience working with SMEs as well as global businesses across every sector. Directing the creative team to meet client growth objectives, Darren’s firm belief in design thinking for business and user-centred techniques make him an expert in designing ‘different’.

Lesley Gulliver, Brand Strategy Director.
Lesley’s strong focus on strategic objectives and her results-driven approach have enabled her success in building major corporate brands and launching new ones. Lesley is interested in measurable returns and understands ‘brand’ in terms of impact, growth, service development and culture change, benefiting both our clients and The Engine Room. She is also one of a small number of Design Associates for the Design Council - the national strategic body for design.

Mark Edwards, Creative Director.
Mark’s forte lies in the thinking behind the brand and its clear benefits to the customer. Quickly getting to the root of the challenge and initiating creative strategies that result in accomplished design and results. Inspiring the most effective way to drive a brand with impact and longevity, Mark directs compelling creative campaigns that resonate and connect with audiences.

Leo Parker, Studio Director.
With 17 years of expertise, Leo brings effective design to all forms of digital and print, finding what makes a brand unique and applying it across a variety of high-level communications. Working alongside clients to organise and manage deadlines, Leo brings the team together with fresh perspective and ideas that shape a brand and its identity, implementing new launches and imaginative campaigns.

Helen Boyes, Senior Designer.
With 11 years in the industry, Helen loves working on all aspects of design across many sectors, intricately tailoring branding, typography and infographics, to name a few. Attending creative events and courses wherever possible, she is regularly immersed in the latest design books and trends that enable her to produce fresh ideas that simplify each brand’s unique message.

Nikki Taylor, Brand Manager.
Project managing every brand’s development and progress, Nikki strives for tangible results that exceed targets and deliverables every step of the way. Ensuring the team meets the brief, Nikki also stays ahead of new and relevant marketing ideas, PR and social media updates that allow both clients and The Engine Room to continually improve communications and win awards.

Mark Greenwood, Web Developer.
Mark G has been working on the web for over 15 years, anchoring everything from software and servers, to code created from scratch. First to hear about new and advancing technologies, Mark is quick to apply his knowledge to brand communications, business environments and user-centred experiences. His practical and logical thinking enables responsive design that benefits the customer.

Sarah Hurtley, Copywriter and Art Director.
With a comprehensive understanding of language and vocabulary, Sarah is interested in articulating creative content across different platforms and building brand values that speak to the customer. Unfolding imaginative stories and ensuring the brand architecture and messaging correlate with relevant design, Sarah’s heart is in the detail.

Neil Herke, Head of Digital.
Neil is a versatile expert in the world of multimedia, able to work with all types of software in video and audio production and editing. Also our in-house professional photographer, Neil is quick to pick up a challenge and has over 10 years’ experience in many areas of the industry, bringing new opportunities in web, animation, design and print.

Krystyna McManus
Krystyna has over 25 years’ administrative experience in a variety of industries and ensures everything in the studio runs smoothly. Maintaining The Engine Room’s finance and administration department, Krystyna ensures our clients experience the highest levels of service at all times, as well as broadening her keen interest in all things creative.

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