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WOW Wednesdays

WOW Wednesdays

WOW Wednesdays runs every 2 weeks and is all about creating a local community accountability buddy group, for people who; work on their own, have their own business, have a creative side-business or are training and are putting plans in place for when they've qualified.

The idea is we put forward 3 things we want to achieve, work-wise and 1 life goal over the coming 2 weeks. We then see how we did, cheer each other on and discuss things like procrastination, distractions and what strategies really work for us, so that we all learn from each other.

By being more accountable to someone, it motivates and encourages you and you are far more likely to get it done! We also have a What's Ap group, for the in-between moments of weakness!

The group is very friendly, everyone is welcome and it is FREE, you just pay for your own refreshments (but you also get a free refill!) and it's held at Miriam's Kitchen Table in Kirkburton, from 9.30am - approx 11.30amĀ  - you can leave earlier if you need to.

It started on the 5th of June....and every 2 weeks from then, (Don't worry we'll prompt you on the group chat and social media!).

So far, including myself and co-host Clair, 18 people have come along and it's been so positive. Everyone's business is really different but we all have the same goals and that's what makes it really interesting and keeps the conversation flowing!

So why not give us a try? You've nothing to lose and you might just meet someone who can really help you with that big dream as well as make some great new friends over coffee and a delicious breakfast!

We hope to see you there!

Juliet (from The Curious Creative Club) and Clair (from A Social Nature)

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Miriam's Kitchen Table

109A North Road

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