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Creativity for the Soul - half-price February offer

Creativity for the Soul - half-price February offer

Creativity for the Soul is a four-week guided programme of introspection, self-expression and growth.
A step-by-step guide to using writing, music and art to free your imagination, find your inspiration & express your true self, through:
- Creative writing exercises that encourage you to reflect on your past and identify opportunities for change
- Practical ways to seek inspiration, appreciate the present and feel positive about the future
- An introduction to using music and the songwriting process to empower you to tell your story
- Simple techniques using art and mixed media as a form of self-care
In week 1 we’ll use creative writing techniques to reflect on our past, reconnect with who we really are and start allowing ourselves to do things that make us happy.
In week 2 we’ll use music to explore our influences and inspiration, to tell our story in a song, and we’ll look at the ways we might choose to outwardly express ourselves.
In week 3 we’ll use art to affirm our renewed positivity, let go of limiting beliefs and set some big goals for the future.
In week 4 we’ll bring all of this together, focus on setting healthy and creative habits to help you go out and do whatever you want to do.
Half price - £39 - for February only.

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