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Themes, Forms, Materials and Techniques: Market Gallery

Themes, Forms, Materials and Techniques: Market Gallery

THEMES, FORMS, MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES - Works in Progress is an exhibition from MArch Architecture Year 3 students curated by Professor Nic Clear, Hyun Jun Park Vijay Taheem

The creative arts play a significant part in the UK’s economic infrastructure and with the impending social and political transformations that are being brought about by the implementation of greater levels of de-industrialisation and automation the importance of the creative arts is expected to grow as we move into a more knowledge-based economy.

Kirklees have identified art and culture as an important strategic element for the future of Huddersfield and its town centre with initiatives involving the University, local citizens and other
key stakeholders. It is a strategy that is already impacting at a number of levels from Town Planning to site specific installations in the Queensgate Market. Huddersfield is a town that has a history for innovation and an abundance of empty space.
Currently the School of Art Design and Architecture is working with Kirklees to develop these ideas through the ‘TEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY’ initiative part of which is dedicated to ‘Re-Thinking Huddersfield’.

Final year MArch Architecture students have been asked to look at how art and culture might be used as part of a wider set of spatial strategies to encourage social transformation, create new
cultural ecologies, develop new building typologies, and to empower citizens to communicate their ambitions and frustrations, and commemorate their successes and their tragedies.

Students will draw upon their own cultural and spatial interests to develop meaningful projects that facilitate their architectural journey beyond the university and to develop a model of practice that will set them up as designers in the 21st century.

The first part of the year has been to identify tactics, strategies, techniques and themes that will enable students to develop their Design Thesis and present their initial concepts as part of an
exhibition of work in progress at Market Hardware in the Queensgate Market as of TEMPORARY CONTEMPORARY.

This exhibition has three major objectives; to help students develop themes for their Design Projects; to encourage students to develop an attitude toward form and materials that represents
their own individual position; to help develop techniques of representation and fabrication that will form basis of the design language that is used in their Design Thesis.

Nic Clear 2018

MARKET HARDWARE: Queensgate Market, Units 154 -158
Opening Times: Mon – Fri 9.00 – 5.30, Sat 8.30 – 5.30

For more information visit http://bit.ly/TCHardware

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Market Hardware

Queensgate Market
Princess Street

Website: http://bit.ly/TCHardware

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