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Temporary Contemporary Happening - Fri 25 Oct

Temporary Contemporary Happening - Fri 25 Oct

The monthly Temporary Contemporary Happening is a chance to see the latest exhibition in the gallery, view artists' showcases in vacant stalls, meet up and chat!

The Happening on Friday 25 October, 5-7.30pm will preview The Persistence of Utopia, an exhibition featuring work developed out of the themes of the first Cosmia SF, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction Festival – concepts of utopia and dystopia. The festival brings together STEM subjects, as well as literature, music, visual arts, computer (and other) games and any other area of human thought which relates to the future, or alternative realities.

Echoes of a Market.- the listening and recording pod by Parley, artists and community will be open during the Happening.

Market Showcase - artists exhibiting in vacant market stalls - Kath Wright, Jo Wilkinson, Henry Morris and Helen Cummings.

Plus, CollaborARTi will be opening their new space in empty Piazza shops in the Piazza Arcade (opposite the Library & Art Gallery) and Ame will open for a preview of their photographic exhibition 'Of Past Present Future'. Call in during the evening and find out what's going on there.

Drinks available from Magic Rock and Kwas Wine Parlour will be providing a welcoming space for social and conversation during the Happening.

All welcome. Entrance via the Piazza Arcade, Peel St or Princess St after 5.30pm

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Queensgate Market


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