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Temporary Contemporary / Events / Fri 06 to Sat 14 Apr 2018 (1 week)

Place, Space, Action in Queensgate Market, Huddersfield

Place, Space, Action in Queensgate Market, Huddersfield

This exhibition brings together artists and designers from the Department of Art and Communication in the School of Art, Design and Architecture, to explore the themes ‘place’ ‘space’ and ‘action’. Each piece on display presents stories, experiences and imaginary interactions with these broad and sometimes loaded terms. You will find responses that engage directly with the architectural structure of the market itself, some that explore the mental space of histories and memories, others that dialogue with different stimuli ranging from open landscapes and urban sprawls, through to architectural interiors and the intimacies of thinking in studio environments.

Considering different ways of experiencing what is around us, in and through the practice of making, has been part of the process of activating this exhibition space. The work covers a board range of media including painting, illustration, photography, digital design, sculpture and video work.

OPENING TIMES: 10am - 5pm

Featuring: Simon Weldon, Liam Devlin, Richard Mulhearn, John Kelly, Allie Car, David Lake, Christian Peterson, Gill Sampson, Donal Fitzpatrick, Ryan Durrant, Jamie Collier, Stephen Calcutt, Brass Art, Jill Townsley, Joe Hancock, Dale Holmes, Simon Woolham, Stephen Hibbert, Jo Orlek, Spencer Roberts, Jay Payne, Stella Baraklianou and Katy Suggitt.
Curator: Dr Rowan Bailey

This exhibition is part of Temporary Contemporary - placing contemporary art within vacant spaces in Queensgate Market. A partnership initiative between the Queensgate Market Traders, the School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield, and Kirklees Council’s Markets and Creative Economy teams.

Event Location

Market Gallery

Queensgate Market
1-6 Princess St

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