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Temporary Contemporary / News / Mon 15 Apr 2019

New exhibitions in Queensgate Market

New exhibitions in Queensgate Market

Three new exhibitions have appeared in Queensgate Market this week.

In Market Gallery, the University of Huddersfield Art, Design and Architecture Department features two exhibitions - Charlotte Goldthorpe, Making Material Memories and Stella Baraklianou, Nocturne – experimental film for John Field. More info at: www.creativekirklees.com/temporary-contemporary/market-gallery-exhibition

In some empty stalls the Huddersfield Art Society have an exhibition as part of Market Showcase (where Temporary Contemporary offers up vacant space to artists and arts organisation). The exhibition is on the theme of 'Parrots' and aims to raise awareness of the destruction of rainforests and the resultant threat to wildlife. More info at: www.creativekirklees.com/huddersfield-art-society/art-exhibition-save-the-rain-forest

Come down to the market and take a look.

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