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Temporary Contemporary / Events / Mon 18 to Sat 23 Feb 2019 (6 days)

Market Showcase: 'Our Market' Collaborative Art Project

Market Showcase: 'Our Market' Collaborative Art Project

'Our Market' is a collaborative art project using Queensgate market is its inspiration. Four artists bring together different art practices to explore the notion of ‘Our Market’ , it's people and its place in the town's culture.

18 - 23 February, 10am - 4pm

Phil Moody will be photographing objects that represent the market as gathered from people's suggestions. He will also use text gained from ideas inspired by the environment.

Naomi Williams will be drawing images informed and stimulated by the market, inviting anyone to join in to help create a public artwork.

Amanda Allan and Jude Lin will be exploring the space of the market and invite people to share their favourite spot/object/place in Queensgate Market.

In addition THESE MEN (Phil Moody and Ian Tothill) will be performing improvised sounds, playing the market piano and a violin whilst welcoming people to join in if they wish. They will also be making sound recordings around the market to create a soundscape. (Monday 12noon - 2pm.)

Come along, take part, have a chat, share a word, try something new .....


'Our Market' is part of the Temporary Contemporary Initiative - collaborating with artists and placing contemporary art in vacant spaces within Queensgate Market.

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Queensgate Market


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