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Temporary Contemporary / Events / Fri 26 Jul to Sat 03 Aug 2019 (1 week)

Inter-Section - group artist exhibition

Inter-Section - group artist exhibition

INTER-SECTION brings together a group of artists and artist run initiatives to explore and examine processes and attitudes of nationally and internationally recognised artist-run initiatives. The exhibition takes place simultaneously at both Market Gallery and PAPER in Manchester, where the alternate exhibition This land is our land is presented.

Intersection is described as ‘a point or a line common to lines or surfaces that intersect’ and in addition, and in reference to examining current debates around artist-run initiatives INTER-SECTION considers the exploration and excavation of space through various approaches and processes, exploring fragments of physical, pictorial and psychological space.

Both INTER-SECTION and This land is our land presents a number of Artist Run Initiatives and contemporary artists, with a diversity of practices, happens in the context of Brexit, in 2019, the year the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union. The exhibitions are a conversation between two sites in a politically and socially unstable period of unrest and instability.

Dr Rowan Bailey & Professor Derek Horton have written a conversational text in relation to INTER-SECTION and the complex dispositions around running artist-led initiatives.

10-4pm - Monday to Friday
10-4.30pm - Saturday

Preview evening: Friday 26 July 5-7.30pm

Artists taking part are:
Tamina Amadyar - Caroline Achaintre - Matt Calderwood - Allie Carr
Declan Clarke - Layla Curtis (Edgework) - Lisa Denyer - Donal Fitzpatrick
David Kefford & Sarah Evans (Aid&Abet) - Brendan Fletcher
Joe Hancock - Dale Holmes - Jeroen Jacobs - Natasza Niedziółka
Mathew Sawyer - Albrecht Schäfer - Erik Steinbrecher
Tommy Støckel - Katy Suggitt – Jill Townsley - Alexander Wagner
Stephen Walter & Calum F Kerr & Reece Jones (TRESPASS)
Simon Woolham & David Hancock (PAPER)

Event Location

Queensgate Market


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