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Stuart Packer Storyteller | Storytelling Coach | VoiceOvers | Producer | Actor

Currently working on Storytelling Masterclasses for Gifted and Talented Children, disabled children and disadvantaged adults Plus my Four Letter Word workshop for SEN for KS2 and KS3 is ready to roll; four letter word examples being: work, love, hate etc. Discuss, debate, tell.

Recently i wrote and co-produced a mini series for the BBC. Eddie Green and Friends is available on the CBeebies website via CBeebies Radio. My first series, Poppy's Play Dates was produced with Audio Factory in and around Glastonbury and can also be found on CBeebies Radio.

The blurb for my storytelling gig for Somerset Storyfest, "Stuart tends to tell tales in the moment. He doesn't seem to know what he's doing until he meets the audience. Maybe he doesn't know what he's doing! In his own words, 'it's the audience, the listeners who bring the spark to light the fire of story, the fire of silliness'. He describes himself as a storyteller, an actor, he does voice overs and sometimes produces radio. He loves the word afar. Don't we all, when we're there?"

My performance is rooted in Acting, having been an Actor for over 24 years. I am equally at home in front of a camera, a mic and a live audience. As a Storyteller I tell tales to entertain, empower and enchant. Mostly to Somerset Secondary, Primary and Prep Schools from KS1 to KS4. Also to Festivals, Residential and Care Homes, Museums and Space Ships.

I am Resident Storyteller | Actor with the really really wonderful Superact CIC. There, I collect tales from our Elders in Care & Residential Homes and tour Europe with Applied Storytelling ideas for use in the Social, Care and Education Sectors. I draw on the collective humanity of storytelling, as stories have been told since the dawn of time. We sometimes need stories more than food and shelter to stay alive. To put the heartbeat in our nature. For Superact i am also their Artist Training Coach.

As part of being a resting Actor I have become an Educator. In schools I facilitate Storytelling, Drama, Communication, Confidence and Transition Culture work/playshops. Tailored for ages 5 to 18. Storytelling, Confidence in the Spoken Word and Public Speaking workshops for various organisations are a forte too and i would be very happy to help you design a program for you and your staff. I am SEPE trained by Superact and therefore coach soft skills in all my workshops.

I am a member of Equity, have Public Liability Insurance and I'm CRB'd up (yeah i know, DBS'd!). More? I am an initiated Bard of Ynys Witrin. Where? Good question, Ynys Witrin is the ancient Druidic name for Glastonbury and thank you for asking...

My Digital Storytelling Demo Reel can be viewed here -


I have worked with Stu, thrice now, in different special school settings, and both times (I can say without any exaggeration) I have been absolutely bowled over by the way students have come alive with Stu in the room. It has been very moving and magical to watch.
Stu brings a joyful imagination, enthusiasm and mischief which the students love. You can see that he, too, truly loves working with our young people and that this is a two way experience; Stu leaves the room buzzing himself.
Nothing fazes Stu; I have seen him work with a range of students, some non-verbal, with profound and multiple learning difficulties, some with more social, emotional, behavioural difficulties, and have seen him turn whatever faces him into a wonderful collaboration with those individuals. Stu has a real gift for creating stories and immediately including the young people in crafting these tales. They talked about the stories for days afterwards!
As a professional colleague, Stu is also a delight to work with. His communication is excellent, he listens and watches carefully so as to understand the needs of our school, and he is a positive, friendly and engaging person to have around.
I cannot recommend Stu Packer highly enough.
Sarah Keelty, Literacy Coordinator, Fosse Way School, Radstock (March 2017)

The children really enjoyed their storytelling session as it allowed them time away from normal classroom activities. They were able to be children and have fun and laugh. Stu included all of the children, made them laugh and listened to and valued all of their input. He made them realise that storytelling isn't just about writing something down but that the oral telling of stories is just as important. As teachers it let us see the children in a different way and see qualities in the children we hadn't seen before.
Tracy Edwards, Head Teacher, Elmhurst Junior School, Street (March 2015)

Stu spent the day leading storytelling sessions at our special school. He worked with groups aged from 7 to 16 years old, with a very wide range of needs. He was able to adapt his approach to engage all, and he worked with warmth, humour and compassion. I took part in a storytelling session with a group of 14-16 year olds who are difficult to engage. Stu's quirky comedy worked its magic on them and they were soon laughing and joining in, with no exception. I would not hesitate to ask Stu for a return visit.
Kerry Hather, Manager, Elmwood School, Bridgwater (March 2014)

I hadn't laughed so much in ages!
Jan, Abbeyfield Nursing Home (July 2013)

He was fantastic, he had a lovely manner with the children and kept them entertained all day!
[Native American Playshop via World Jungle]
Helen Broadbridge, Head Teacher, Mordiford CE Primary School (March 2013)

With a tale of mystery and magic he worked with the Infants first & then the Juniors. The children were all spellbound. The story was skilfully adapted to suit the age of audience yet provided a challenge for our most able.
Children’s comments:-
'I was really curious about how it would end up' - 'It was so good the time seemed to go so fast' - 'It was funny, a bit sad and a bit scary' - 'That was the best story I have ever heard!'
Most gratifying for the teachers was the enthusiasm that came back to the classroom. Children were keen to have a go at telling sophisticated stories themselves. It has also transferred into their creative writing.
Ali Howe, English Subject Leader, St Philip's CE Primary School, Bath (May 2012)

His Guerilla Storytelling went down a storm in every classroom. He wove Transition Tales and Gaia in to his stories. Stuart told fascinating stories with a twist in the tale which entranced everyone who heard him.
Jo Stevenson, Head, St Dunstan's School, Glastonbury (November 2011)

Stuart came into South Norwood Primary School for a day in December. It was ideal timing to share a Christmas tale of the most intriguing kind. Stuart adapted his tale to four different age groups throughout the day and worked flexibly within the time constraints of a primary school timetable. His tale drew on the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a young boy, exploring the more traditional aspects of the festive season as well as a more ethereal tone, encouraging the children to explore their own interpretations of his tale. Children of all ages (and staff) were captivated by his engaging manner and responded imaginatively and with enthusiasm to the more interactive elements of his storytelling.
Della Williams, Head Teacher, South Norwood Primary School, London (February 2012)

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He came for the day, telling stories to Years 7 & 8, and workshopping Transition Tales Somerset with the top Year 8 group. The students enjoyed the experience very much, some writing their own stories based on what he had told them. Transition Tales Somerset caused the Year 8s to think about their future and the way that the world is going in a mature and considered way.
We were so pleased that we booked him again.
Jackie MacMahon, Librarian, Robert Blake Science College, Bridgwater (July 2011)

Mesmerising - When are you next in our area? [Immediately after hearing The Ditch]
Jon Hall, Head of English, St Dunstan’s School, Glastonbury (November 2011)

Press Cuttings:-

"Stuart described beautifully his love of The Tor and how seeing it in the distance welcomes him home... Cheerful reminiscence from the actors however gave way to heart wrenching sadness; Stuart recounted a dark and violent tale of how he [once] fell out of love with Glastonbury... through the wide-open eyes of these five quite different individuals I came away feeling quite elated." - The Summer Set (Theatre)

"Stuart Packer was designed for the part of the Sergeant"
Evening Standard - In the Prison Colony (Theatre)

"I forgot an Actor was playing a part. Packer's Houdini is perfect and should not be missed."
What's On - Harry Houdini is Dead (Theatre)

"...and Harry the Belhop (Stuart Packer) is wonderfully slimy... exuding dirty sex appeal, he is horrible but engrossing."
Time Out - The Ladies of the Corridor (Theatre)

"Stuart Packer's Brian is a sound troubled potrayal, bringing his character's problems and his confusions, to light."
Netribution - Baby Blues (Film)

"The closest thing to perfect screen acting you might ever see, even though [Stuart Packer] is straining on the toilet!" - Commas (Short Film)

"Mixt Nutz have exploded onto the Fringe Festival. I was amazed at how such a varied group of performers were able to operate so well, collectively and individually. Talent seemed to burst through at every point.. but if they don't make you laugh, then you must be a dead fish... two thumbs up, 5 out of 5." - Mixt Nutz (Improvised Comedy)

"There's danger in his eyes" - Daniel Kitson
"Stuart Packer - the housewife's Andy Serkis" - Matt Earley
"He should take himself more seriously" - Interpol
"I'm a nice bloke who turns up on time" - Stu Packer

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Stuart Packer / Storyteller | Storytelling Coach | VoiceOvers | Producer | Actor

CurStuart Packer / Storyteller | Storytelling Coach | VoiceOvers | Producer | Actorrently working on Storytelling Masterclasses for Gifted and Talented Children, disabled children and disadvantaged adults Plus my Four Letter Word ...

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