Stems formed in 2011 with the idea of seeking a new relationship between experimental guitar and classical instruments, to create music with the energy of rock music but with the elongated and elaborate structures of Western and Indian classical music.

Since 2013 they have toured Europe several times, performed at prestigious events such as noordelijk film festival and have developed a following based on their reputation for intense and beautiful concerts, often working with local string players to expand their sound.

Recently the band have been asked by the British Film Institute to perform a live score to the Georges Méliès film 'Trip to the moon'. Which will be presented part of a double bill with Asian Dub Foundation in November 2014. The soundtrack was recorded earlier this year in Amsterdam and is produced by Steve Whitfield (The Cure, Yann Tiersen). The bands début album 'Polemics' was re-released by Turkish label Fluttery Records earlier this year and has received almost unanimous praise from reviewers.

“The melodic riffs of Stems track Connery transports you to a recently industrialised England.” (The Guardian)

Stems have worked on several different multi disciplinary works including collaborations with London School of Puppetry, playwrights, film makers and their music is often used in educational workshops.

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