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Embedded: The Open Data Institute

Embedded: The Open Data Institute

Embedded is an opportunity for composers and creative artists from any discipline to work with diverse organisations to create new music and sound.

Each of the residencies is tailored to the partner and the individual, providing a significant opportunity for creative to develop their skills in a hands-on way. So far over forty artists have benefited from Embedded, from Tim Murray-Browne at Music Hackspace to Sally Golding and Sarah Hughes with South London Gallery, and there is overwhelming evidence that it can be a transformational experience in terms of talent development, artistic ambition, professional experience and growing networks.

As part of the Embedded programme for 2015/16, Sound and Music and The Open Data Institute are offering an opportunity for one composer/creative artist to spend up to 10 months in residence with The Open Data Institute. This is a unique professional development opportunity for a composer/creative artist to work with both a technically and culturally important partner to create a new type of work.

The curatorial theme the Open Data Institute is currently working with within its Data as Culture art programme is Data Anthropologies and they are interested in proposals that consider the central role of the human in emerging data landscapes. Find out more about The Open Data Institute:
As part of the Embedded programme you will:

• Receive financial support for the residency:
- a bursary of £2,000 to cover your time
- travel and accommodation expenses to facilitate the residency
- a budget, agreed with Sound and Music to develop the work (i.e production costs)

• Receive mentoring support to help with the development of the work. You will be able to contribute to the selection of your mentor after you have been successful in your application

• Attend a day with the other Embedded composers/creative artists to share ideas with the other participating composers/creative artists.

• Get to know The Open Data Institute by engaging with their activity throughout the residency period. The selected composer/creative artist will have the opportunity to connect with staff of the Open Data Institute. as well as other artists on the Data as Culture scheme as well as the Sound and Music, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA

• Join the 2016 New Voices cohort, featuring on the British Music Collection. Each year all the residents on the Embedded and Portfolio programmes become our annual ‘New Voices’. As part of the scheme you will be provided a £300 towards the documentation and dissemination of your work and support in building a full British Music Collection profile.

• Participate in a Coaching programme run by Sound and Music. The coaching is a one-to-one relationship that supports a person to improve aspects of their performance at work or work-life balance. This may include focus on particular working relationships, delegation or decision-making as well as overall career direction and focus.

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