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Septabeat - Small Seeds, Huddersfield

Septabeat - Small Seeds, Huddersfield

'Friday Night Jive' presents
Friday 9th November - Small Seeds, Huddersfield

Septabeat is the stage name of UK based drummer and music producer Sam Gardner. He writes and plays live Drum & Bass and other electronic styles using acoustic drums and a multitude of live electronic FX. His trademark sound of rich harmonies, soaring melodies and intricate percussion is the culmination of all the styles he studied and played throughout his career. By fusing elements of jazz, hip hop and many ethnic styles with the sounds of electronic dance music, he creates a fresh, organic sound and his spontaneous and unique approach to live performance allows the audience to experience electronic dance music in a completely new way.

With a background as a jazz drummer, Sam had a fresh insight into the world of live electronic music when he began to work with the UK group Submotion Orchestra in 2014. Throughout this time he learned how to use electronics in live performances which inspired him to produce his own music. In 2015, he decided to pursue a new musical direction and with the financial support of Help Musicians UK, he studied music production with a wide range of producers. He began to combine the skills he'd learned throughout his musical career into a new project - Septabeat.

His writing process begins in the studio, building bass lines, loops and samples in Ableton Live and experimenting with acoustic drums. He develops these ideas into full tracks, mixes and masters them and separates them into short clips and loops. These can be triggered on the fly, opening endless possibilities for improvisation and experimentation on stage. He uses a hybrid acoustic and electronic kit, laptop and tonnes of triggered effects. And he blends the acoustic sounds of his drum kit with electronic drum hits to add weight and power. The result is a unique amalgamation of a DJ and a live performance, adding a human touch to a genre predominantly dominated by machines.

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