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Give...A Few Words CIC

Give...A Few Words CIC Give...a few words

Give...A Few Words CIC sends "One Off" Positive Letters aiming to reduce social isolation and spread a little cheer.

Volunteer letter writers share their interests and are matched with people in care homes, charities and other organisations who would appreciate some positive post. In Just over 6 months Give...A Few Words has posted over 1000 letters, cards and crafts for people all over Kirklees/Calderdale. Not just words though as people send paintings, drawings, poetry, photography, origami....any arts or crafts.

Over 150 Volunteer letter writers have signed up from all over Kirklees, the UK and even Europe.

All recipients receive a "Gift" of at least 2 uplifting letters each.
Volunteers can write as often or as little as they like and this volunteer role fits in perfectly with anyones lifestyle.
All recipients of letters have the chance to get involved as writers too
Letter writers are sent a personal thank you each time they write and are invited to regular letter writing workshops and volunteer meetings. We have a really friendly letter writing group.

If you are interested in Give...A Few Words (which has appeared on BBC News At 10pm, Radio Leeds and in the Sun and Sunday Mirror), we would love to hear from you, feel free to email us at or give us a call on 07498 818838.

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