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Saving Grace Music / News / Tue 19 Oct 2021

Samh releases "Fat Of The Apple"

Samh releases "Fat Of The Apple"

Kirklees-based band Samh release “Fat of the Apple” on Saving Grace Music. The band have steadily been building up a cult-like following .. receiving radio support from local stations & blogs to national outlets like BBC Leeds, BBC 6, BBC Introducing, Psychedelic Jukebox, Puls Radio (Germany) Radio X, and independent station support from as far afield as Japan. Notable performances include – Edinburgh Fringe, Bath Folk, Long Division, Tramlines.

Titled grooves, slippery basslines, twisted instrumentals, & grough melodies are the order of the day here, the album grows like moss from a stone, like a toadstool from the soil. Warrens lead to galaxies and emerge again in forests. The album by the omen, folklore extravigantist, Samh explores the place of humans floating out in space on a rock, as both completely insignificant and immensely meaningful. Bouncing ideas from some of the greatest thinkers of the last few thousand years, “Fat of the Apple” merges science, philosophy, religion, and psychedelia to create a thoughtful concoction of medicinal music for rock and folk fans alike.

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