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Sangam Festival / Events / Tue 03 Aug 2021

Kōlam Patterns for Wellbeing – with Preethi Ravichandran 2

Kōlam Patterns for Wellbeing – with Preethi Ravichandran 2

Tickets: Free
Time: 3pm - 4pm

In this guided workshop, Preethi Ravichandran will give you an introduction to traditional Kōlam patterns and show you how to make them using pens, tracing paper, glue and fine sand.

Participants can either take the artwork home or can display it in the Festival Hub. Kōlam patterns are a daily ritual among Tamil Hindu women living in Tamil Nadu in south- eastern India. The women take a pinch of flour between finger and thumb, and let it fall in a continuous line to create the desired patterns. These are drawn on the floor and at the door of houses, businesses and temples. Creating these traditional, intricate Kōlam patterns requires concentration, discipline and memory.

Event Location

Festival Hub

The Piazza
Princess Alexandra Walk

Telephone: 01484 549 947

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