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Yoga with Helena

Yoga with Helena

I want to offer two Yoga classes a week at Rushden Village Hall. All classes will be an hour in length, you will need to bring a Yoga/Pilates mat and wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Other props will be provided to begin with.

Wednesday morning 9am
Able bodied Yoga class - for those that are active or have done some Yoga before.

Friday Morning 9.30am
Less able bodied Yoga class - for those who have health conditions, injuries, less active or beginners that would like to start slowly.

The first class will be £5 - to give you a chance to try out a class without any commitment.
There after you can sign up for various different pricing options, class packs are as laid out below. I encourage you to bring friends at any point for the same £5 for their first class.

£37- 4 class pack valid for 5 weeks
£9.25 a class

£52 - 6 class pack valid for 8 weeks
£8.66 a class

£80 - 10 class pack valid for 13 weeks
£8 a class

A little bit more about the style of Yoga that I teach.
I teach what I call 'Slow Flow Yoga' which means that we move as seamlessly as we can between postures and shapes. In my classes I encourage moving in a variety of different ways, this variety and diversity can help keep your spine and other joints healthy, meaning that you are less likely to get injured. Yoga is a brilliant antidote to the stresses of everyday life and a great compliment to other physical activities. There will be a combination of relaxation, breathing, moving and stretching. You don't have to have any prior experience of Yoga, just come with an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

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