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Rachael Gorton / Events / Tue 18 Jan to Tue 15 Mar 2022 (2 months)

Whose Art History? Diversity And Identity

Whose Art History?  Diversity And Identity

A discursive & exploratory, online course which will both question dominant narratives and values in traditional, Western art history and explore modes of visual artistic production which challenge, lie on the margins of or appear excluded from this framework. We will explore art traditions and makers in different geographical regions and continents, at different points in history and in present-day Britain who are underrepresented in our art institutions and mainstream criticism. This will lead us to consider the ways in which culture is controlled, owned, produced and presented. You will have the opportunity to suggest topics for discussion and present to your group, artists and artworks, which you find interesting or inspiring but which are marginalised from or challenging to the European art canon, whilst considering and discussing artworks presented by others which may be new or thought-provoking to you.

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