Rachael Gorton / Events / Wed 09 Jun to Wed 21 Jul 2021 (1 month)

Art History: Introduction To Post-Impressionism

Countless studies explore the revolutionary world of Impressionist art, but what happened after this? How and why did art change? Come and discuss Post-Impressionist painting in this welcoming, online course. Talk to other students and develop your understanding and appreciation of this art movement, which although celebrated seems to sit under the shadow of its Impressionist predecessor. We will establish what makes these artists and their works different from earlier Impressionist practitioners and discuss the development & spread of Post-Impressionism in France. To establish artistic characteristics and techniques, we will focus on key artworks and artists (including Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin) whilst also discussing broader social and cultural influences which impacted on the creation of such works. Compare and contrast art works and consider what made Post-Impressionist painting unique and how it impacted on the world, both in its own time & since.

For more information visit https://enrolonline.wea.org.uk/Online/2020/CourseInfo.aspx?r=C3679251

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