Rachael Gorton / Events / Wed 14 Apr to Wed 26 May 2021 (1 month)

Art course online: Develop An Impressionistic Style

This is a practical and exploratory course, based on understanding and applying an 'impressionistic' style to painting and drawing. This will involve analysing visual sources and focussing on creating visual effects, based on the idea of a fleeting impression of light, movement and / or atmosphere within a scene, rather than on capturing every detail. This online course will include group discussion, experimental work, activities guided by your tutor, demonstration, analysis of established artists' work, reflection and the development of unique, considered imagery. Inspiration will be taken from a variety of sources and you will have the opportunity to select and use some of your own source materials. You will work in both colour and monochrome - ideally you will have access to graphite pencils, eraser, pastels and/or acrylic paints but options will be available for adaptation based on the art materials you have to hand.

For more information visit https://enrolonline.wea.org.uk/Online/2020/CourseInfo.aspx?r=C3679252

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