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Back Door Parole

Back Door Parole

Plain Quakers Theatre of Holmfirth are promoting the visit of Journeymen Theatre to Huddersfield Quakers ith their production of Back Door Parole, on Sunday 20th March at Huddersfield Quaker Meeting House, Paddock.

Back Door Parole explores the hidden plight of the elderly and infirm inside UK’s jails and asks some big questions about how the system is coping with this ever increasing problem.

The play explores the complexities of the UK penal system and how this impacts upon both inmates and those who work within it. In particular, it exposes the pressures and stresses caused by the increasing number of elderly men who will see out their days in prison cells.

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Huddersfield Quaker Meeting House

34 Church Street, Paddock, Huddersfield

Telephone: 01484 664 258

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