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Digital &Piano Vocal Livestream

Digital &Piano Vocal Livestream

On Saturday 26th September at 7:30pm, Neil Balfour will be sharing his musical moods and inspirations during the lockdown, using songs and Opera arias to reveal how the lockdown affected him personally and professionally.

Neil, based in Leeds, is an incredibly dynamic & innovative singer, keen to break new ground and cross boundaries in performance. He's performed at the Glastonbury Festival - the first opera singer to be booked directly by the event - he's beatboxed in a 17th Century opera at the Longborough Festival Opera, and performed in groundbreaking Electronic and Youth Operas.

Neil is making a name for himself nationally, and definitely a rising star to keep an eye on, having just recently been announced as an emerging artist with the National Opera Studio. With his versatility, we knew he was going to make a fantastic performance at our Magic Rock Tap House gig, so we're really glad you'll get to hear his stunning voice and see him perform next month, and it's also a chance to preview our main festival in April, as Neil will be one of the performers in our song evening.

For more information visit http://www.andpiano.co.uk/

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