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Digital &Piano Instrumental Livestream

Digital &Piano Instrumental Livestream

&Piano are delighted to be able to announce a little bit of good news...we may not be going ahead with our usual September festival as planned, but we are however, very excited to be able to announce that we'll be offering TWO live-streamed performances at 7:30pm, one on Friday 18th September & another on Saturday 26th September, marking what would have been our instrumental and vocal evenings.

We'll be broadcasting live from our usual venue of The Civic in Slaithwaite, and the first evening will feature 30 minutes of fantastic and interesting instrumental music.

To celebrate at last a coming-together of musicians, we thought the more the merrier, and so Tom Greed (Violin) along with Polly Virr (Cello) will be helping &Piano mark it's first ever trio performance on Friday 18th September 7:30pm.

Along with Artistic Director Christopher Pulleyn, they've created a 4-movement sonata from different composers' pieces, to describe the moods and feelings of the events that have affected the world this year.

For more information visit http://www.andpiano.co.uk/

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