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Lockdown To Do List. Claim Airplay Royalties / Pat Fulgoni GYAT

10 weeks have flown by zoom lecturing "GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER" music biz course (Leeds):
"Beginners Guide To The Music Biz".

I've been leaving the occasional music biz tip on their YouTube channel too.

"In advance of his Beginners Guide To The Music Biz lesson on publishing, local singer and course leader Pat Fulgoni gives out a few tips for hooking up with collection societies. Claim your airplay royalties! Do it"


More infos ->

In other news, I have a few lead VOCALS over the 80 piece "Red Bull Symphonic" LP out now. Camo & Krooked's biggest tracks reworked by Kolonovits who has collaborated with Pavarotti, Conchita Wurst, Scorpions!
If any of you know the original collaborations eg "All Night" from clubbing or the Celebrity Big Brother finale (seriously), this is different! Also check out "Turn Up The Music" given the Kolonovits / Max Steiner Orchestra treatment on this album.

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