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Cabinet Of Millionaires "Serve Me (ft Pat Fulgoni)"

Lush VIDEO shot locally around HUDDERSFIELD with a LOCAL crew and cast.

Thanks Ash Pears, Cameron Rowley, Steve Kind, Adele Hopwood, Zak and Tayler! 400,000 plays over on facebook in its first three months. #creativecampaigning.


Punchy beats, loony tune hooks, dub basslines and gospel tinged soul-rock vocals are resplendent on this forthcoming new Cabinet Of Millionaires single “SERVE ME (ft Pat Fulgoni)” – a scathing attack on the mockery of Prime Ministers Questions #PMQs. Turn it Up! and #answermyquestion

Conscious lyrics: “Don’t you use that mocking tone … You’re here to serve me. Just answer my question!” sung by Pat Fulgoni.

“Serve Me” is the third single hot on the heals of radio support for the previous singles “Satan’s Horses and “Cabinet Of Millionaires” including Eddy Temple Morris and Nemone (BBC Radio 6) and various US College radio stations.

Live dates have included shows for Love Music Hate Racism and even being incorporated into a play (theatre) down the road from Conservative Party Conference

Remixes for ‘Serve Me’ come from D-Region & Code, Powersteppers (Zion Train), Frozen Smoke & Prjct Nu Bld.


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A little about Pat Fulgoni: He is a singer across a wide range of genres and artists from Zion Train to Kava Kava to US guitarist Gary Lucas. Most recently he has been flexing his vocal muscle with massive Drum & Bass artists including Camo & Krooked, London Elektricity, Dexcell, Technimatic, Logistics, 1991, Teddy Killerz, Keeno and The Vanguard Project, and for labels including Hospital, Ram, Shogun Audio, Spearhead, MTA, Medschool. He’s toured the planet with various acts from the USA to China and throughout Europe and has written music for US film and TV series. His activism dates back to the nineties when he organised the No Compromize CD against the introduction of tuition fees and collaborated with Tony Benn MP. A few years ago he managed to pull off a series of much needed showcases over in the USA to support the careers of local Yorkshire bands and musicians and he's no stranger to playing LMHR events either ....

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