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Popped Up - by Parley

Popped Up - by Parley

Each week, until further notice we're dedicating time to our new programme of work
'Popped Up' by Parley, to include....

Sofa Sessions: June to August.

1 to 1: Drop-in and CPD sessions - June to October. Tuesdays: Fortnightly 1:30am - 5:30pm.

Tea Break: Drop-in - June to September. Tuesdays: Monthly 11:00am - 12:00.

About Sofa Sessions: Podcasts
In late June and early July we hosted a series of conversations with arts and cultural professionals who live or work in Kirklees about the impact of and response to COVID-19; particular challenges, learning and opportunities, and the thoughts and questions which are surfacing towards a better future.

Our conversations resulted in a series of ten short podcasts - available here also available in text format on request.

We were delighted by the response and thanks to everyone who took part.

About 1 to 1 Drop-in and CPD sessions.
Sessions usually focus on Professional Development, Practice Development and/or Project Development. We work with practitioners who situate their practice within a community, learning, or socially engaged context and early career practitioners.

Sessions vary to suit your situation, particularly at this time when focus, planning, and other challenges are impacting our work. Sessions can be informal drop-ins, a listening ear or sounding board, or a structured 1.5 hour session based on coaching practices and principles.

You will work with a trained facilitator and coach with over 18 years experience in the arts designing and producing projects and programmes to support engagement, learning and development.

Available on Zoom, a walk and talk by telephone, or by email communication, every fortnight on a Tuesday afternoon during CV lockdown.
Spaces are limited due to capacity.
For further information email Victoria at

Currently free or pay what you can to freelance practitioners.
Costs to PAYE practitioners, groups or organisations can be discussed.

About Tea Break - Drop in.
Once a month we're dedicating an hour for drop in during your tea break.
We miss working from our completely open space and project " Parlour" in Queensagte Market, we miss the passing community, the unplanned visits and rich conversations that help shape our work. At Parlour we might see 1 visitor or 15, no hour was ever the same.
Whilst we cannot meet at Parlour at the moment we still want to connect.
If you'd like to pop in and share a cuppa tea with us during a dedicated break time on Zoom, please get in touch, email Victoria at

About Parley:
We create spaces and projects to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. We work with artists, practitioners and communities, driven by civic and common interest to support co-design and co-creation.

Our services focus on:

Space and Place
We design, produce and facilitate creative open spaces for conversation, connection, learning and development in arts and culture.

Artist and Practitioner
We support the continued professional development of practitioners who situate their practice within a community, learning, or socially engaged context, early career artists, and young people interested in pursuing the arts.

Audience and Community
We work directly with people to encourage conversation, connection, learning and development in arts and culture.

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