Parley creates spaces, projects and programmes to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. Our services focus on:

Artist Development
Audience Development
Space and Place.

Our aim is to design activity in response to the ideas, interest and need of artists and audiences. We encourage co-design, co-creation and co-ownership.

Parley is a company based in Huddersfield formed by Victoria McCorkell who after 18 years working and training in the arts is consolidating her practice into a new company.

In late October 2018 we were offered a space within the Temporary Contemporary initiative and designed Parlour, our first project and test space in the heart of Queensgate Market. The space has allowed us time to develop, explore ideas and work directly with local people. It acts as a touchpoint to our company, works closely with the Temporary Contemporary Initiative and provides a space for local people, artists and sector.

We welcome close working partnerships, artists and creative practitioners who'd like to be part of our network, sector, community and education interested in our work to get in touch.
For further information please visit our website.

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