Parley create spaces and projects to encourage arts and cultural conversation, connection, learning and development. We work with artists, practitioners and communities, driven by civic and common interest to support co-design and co-creation.

Our services focus on:

Space and Place
We design, produce and facilitate creative open spaces for conversation, connection, learning and development in arts and culture.

Artist and Practitioner
We support the continued professional development of practitioners who situate their practice within a community, learning, or socially engaged context, work with early career artists, and young people interested in pursuing the arts.

Audience and Community
We work directly with people to encourage engagement, participation, learning and development in arts and culture.

Parley soft launched the concept of the company In November 2018 when offered a space within the Temporary Contemporary initiative in Queensgate Market. Here, we designed and created Parlour, our first project and test space which allowed us time to develop as a new company, working directly with local artists and people from an open space.

The space acts as a touchpoint to our company two days a week, a space for work and meetings, cultural connection and promotion, arts and cultural activity, learning, development, and a place for social, civic and community. We essentially began our journey as an arts organisation working from an office without walls in a public place, completely open to visitors at any point.

The Parlour project is part of the Temporary Contemporary Initiative and works in support of Temporary Contemporary, it provides additional social and work space during the Temporary Contemporary Happenings and the Temporary Contemporary Programme.

If you would like to use or trial out work at Parlour please get in touch, we encourage and support artist led and community led activity with a focus on engagement, learning and development.

We hope one day Parlour by Parley will find and secure a permanent and sustainable home, either an independent cafe with a regular programme of activity, a co-working space or a key space for social, engagement, learning and development in arts and culture within a shared cultural venue.

We are always open to collaboration, designing and delivering work with or for partners. We seek to increase our network of artists, practitioners and local organisations.

Parley is led by local artists and creative practitioners with significant experience working and training in the arts, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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