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Our Biennale / Events / Sat 02 Jul 2022

Our Biennale's 'Magnificent Me Piazza Parade'

Our Biennale's 'Magnificent Me Piazza Parade'

Join us from 11am - 3pm for a carnival celebration with exhibitions, parades, performance, workshops and flash mobs showing what the young people have achieved working with Kirklees artists and arts organisations for the Our Biennale festival.

Come along for the spectacle including:

• A Parade at 1.30pm featuring magnificent puppets, instruments, costumes, flags & more
• Flash mob dances
• Performance & circus from Poppins Presents
• Tooting, whistling, plinking & parping gizmos from Orchestra of Objects
• Art installations & exhibitions
• Funky junk workshops

What Is Our Biennale?
Our Biennale is a festival of arts and culture made with children and young people in Kirklees. Throughout the festival musicians, artists, theatremakers, and choreographers work with schools, colleges, and communities to enable children and young people to make their very own remarkable pieces of music, art, poetry, drama, and

The focus of the festival is well-being and using the arts to inspire children and young people as they juggle school and overcome the effects of lockdowns and isolations. Artists have helped them celebrate and express themselves through movement, music, self portraits, alter egos, avatars, puppets, costumes and more.

Our Biennale projects were delivered from April – June 2022 and this year’s theme is MAGNIFICENT ME!

Produced by the Kirklees Local Cultural Education Partnership, Evoke, Our Biennale is led by The Children’s Art School. Partners from Evoke collaborate with young people, artists, cultural organisations, and teachers in Kirklees to cocreate this amazing festival for the whole community.

For more information visit https://ourbiennale.org/

Event Location

Piazza Shopping Centre

Princess Alexandra Walk
Huddersfield HD1 2RS

Email: hello@thechildrensartschool.co.uk
Website: https://ourbiennale.org/

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