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News and Media Republic is a content, communication and publishing social enterprise.

Search engines, customers and the general public are hungry for new content, and as publishers ourselves, producing websites, print publications, podcasts, newsletters and films, we know the best way to create great content for the optimum impact.

One of the keys is finding the most appropriate means of communication and our experience with the People's Republic of South Devon, D+CFilm and the new print on demand and online arts magazine Arts+Culture has been invaluable to face up to modern creative publishing and communication challenges.

Here are just a few of our social enterprise goals:
• for those affected by media to have some control over it
• allow people to have a real input in the news within a supportive framework
• research and utilise a variety of media to engage as broad a spectrum of the community as possible, particularly young people, old people, those who are socially excluded and those in rural isolation
• provide publicity to new and emerging artists
• develop awareness of the skills needed in a media-rich world and offer training and advice
• create opportunities for professionals in the media
• big up local ethical companies and concerns and raise awareness of local issues
• provide cumulative information for a clear picture of issues, development and progress
• be transparent and honest with advertisers and about content
• champion the creative industries and to initiate projects and programmes
• engage, inform, entertain

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