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Say it Loud : How Posters Talk To Us

Say it Loud : How Posters Talk To Us

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Say It Loud : How Posters Talk To Us

Say It Loud : How Posters Talk To Us
Say It Loud : How Posters Talk To Us

Special exhibition - 1st April – 31st Dec 2018

Drawing from a largely unseen collection, ‘Say it Loud’ is a new exhibition which investigates the techniques and devices used by poster designers. In a space designed to make you think about looking, learn how to discover the messages and meanings within posters and try your hand at creating your own. With examples from professional artists and colliery workers, this exhibition showcases posters designed for use across the mining industry.

A visually powerful, yet playful space with family-friendly activities, this exhibition will be the first time that many of the posters from this collection have been put on public display.

How Posters Talk To Us

The exhibition explores the different techniques employed by poster designers.


Colour is an incredibly influential device in poster design, it can create atmosphere and capture mood. It can be either boldly assertive or carefully suggestive. Colour has the power to communicate with us without the need for words. Designers use colour to make us respond in a certain way because of the strong emotional connection it creates.


Subtle typographical choices can change the whole look and feel of a poster and this will determine how effectively it connects with the viewer. Decisions about font, letter size and spacing can change tone, adjust emphasis and even alter the message. Through these choices, the words are given an imaginary voice.

Shock and humour

They aim to surprise the viewer, producing a sudden emotional reaction that is either pleasant or unpleasant. If successful, this will ensure the message of the poster is not easily forgotten. It is likely that posters designed to be truly shocking twenty or thirty years ago, are barely shocking at all to us now, they may even have crossed over into the humorous category.

The Power Of Persuasion

Posters can be extremely influential, they have the power to unite or divide public opinion. Whether fighting for jobs, improvements in working conditions, pay, or promoting safety or welfare reforms posters have been successfully employed both in and outside of the industry, raising awareness and encouraging mass solidarity.


Imagery in poster design has many different uses and its expressive power cannot be underestimated. Images can create intrigue, humour or even a sense of drama and suspense that remains with the viewer long after the initial visual encounter.
23 Mar - 31 Dec 2018

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