My name is Nate, I am a 24-year-old Contemporary Art and Illustration graduate and in anticipation of becoming a young professional artist. My work is autobiographical, visualising my inner dialogue for an audience, to heal my inner child.

I am inspired by nature and its symbolism of growth, philosophy branching into neuroscience, the subconscious and trauma response. I work in a range of materials from oil painting to ceramics, focusing on watercolour illustrations, concept art and abstract acrylic pieces. I would like to show my work publicly in group projects, installations, and sculptures, alternately furthering my experience in print finishing and graphic design.

View my website https://natechipchase.wixsite.com/portfolio

My Location


Canalside Flats,
Firth Street, Aspley,

Telephone: 07397 562 992
Email: nategeorge.art@gmail.com
Website: https://natechipchase.wixsite.com/portfolio

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