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The Parish goes above and beyond - Student Article

The Parish goes above and beyond - Student Article

The Parish goes above and beyond in the face of adversity
How the venue beat all odds to save their business in the wake of coronavirus

By Antonia Fieldhouse 16/06/2020

On the 20th March it was announced that pubs, clubs, and restaurants were to close, meaning venues in Kirklees had to take matters into their own hands. One venue that has really pushed the boat out for this has been The Parish.
In the face of hardship, the venue came up with creative ways to engage with its customers whilst not being able to physically open. As they could did not qualify for government funding, they set up a crowdfunding page with various rewards for their donors to encourage donations. The crowdfund reached its target and beyond, raising over £45,000 in 80 days! So, in what ways did the venue manage to garner such great support from the public you ask? By hard work, determination, and a great deal of entertainment!
The very week that pubs were announced to close, The Parish took matters into their own hands to make sure their customers weren’t missing out on the things they love, and began the “Empty Pub Quiz”. The quiz is hosted by Mikey Shiraz every Monday on a Facebook/Youtube livestream and features live music from the house band The Isolators. Every single week the quiz proves popular, garnering over 1000 views a time, and its no surprise!
In addition to their weekly quizzes, The Parish have hosted other amazing events throughout lockdown, such as a livestream gig featuring musician Frank Turner to promote their fundraiser, and have even been mentioned in the news! On top of all this hard work, The Parish have continued to sell their delicious food to residents of Huddersfield, which has further helped keep them afloat.
Throughout lockdown, The Parish have proven why they are a staple and much loved venue in Huddersfield, and have helped to boost morale for everyone in the area in the most difficult times!

If you would like to donate to the Parish, their crowdfund will be linked below, as well as their website, and Facebook and Youtube pages to take part in their quizzes and keep up to date with news from the venue:

If you would like to find out more about how you could help to support small venues, visit

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